Welcome to Prodigy Promotional Merchandise and Workwear Specialists - the smart, savvy and sophisticated suppliers for all your marketing moves and branding solutions.

We are here to relieve the pressure off you, save the business money, make the ordering process so very easy and getting your brand out there with the right message and desired outcomes.  

Prodigy is committed to providing you with fresh ideas, inspiration, strategies and tools to help you achieve your business goals. 

Our network of experienced marketing professionals will help you distinguish your brand and connect with your audience while managing your costs. From start to finish, we will identify the best approach to achieving your objectives, determine the right solutions for your projects and execute your campaigns flawlessly.

Our aim is long-term business relationship. We offer both standard promotional gifts, custom made products, ecommerce programs and warehousing all developed to suit your business. We have wide experience in logistics and fulfill all orders precisely and on time.

Give it to me straight...why use Prodigy?
Look, we know that you know... that all promotional product companies sell the same stuff. Really, it's not rocket science is it? The difference with us and without trying to sound like know-it-alls, we are really good at creating cool concepts with products and merchandise programs.

Your brand and how much awareness it attracts is our priority. You see, we work with you in a real partnership to create merchandise that demands attention, is useful to your market and adds depth to your campaign.  After all, the "freebies" that your company gives away will end up with your customers and staff in their homes, on their desk, in the car, at the gym, at school and many other places.  So if you are tired of the same old products, talk to us
The Prodigy Merchandise team collectively have over 40 years of successful marketing experience internationally in Banking & Finance, Mining & Construction, IT, Sports & Sponsorship, Retail Merchandise and Not for Profit.
We have a reputation for Care, for putting you the Client, First and Always.
We’re here for questions & advice, nothing is ever too much trouble and our communication is second to none....Honest!
What can Prodigy do for me?
Intelligent Promotional Products – actually means what it says!  You'll be pleased to know that we're just not out to sell you something. Your marketing objectives are our total focus and our number one priority is getting your merchandise maximum brand awareness through correct product selection and innovative design.
Affordable Marketing Solutions – we’re an add-on to your existing marketing team.  We provide branding and marketing advice with solutions that don’t cost the earth! Graphic design, brief writing and communications plans, we can do it all!
Design/Manufacturing Capability – in partnership with you, we can create products that are completely unique. From concept, to finished product, we can create, tweak and develop throughout every step of the production process to get you the perfect end result.  If you can dream it....we can do it!
Organic, Eco friendly and Fair Trade Products – Prodigy is proud to have partnered with suppliers that produces Fairtrade, Organic and ethically sourced products certified and audited to ensure environmental, social and economic sustainability. We can also supply your purchases carbon neutral. We are passionate about merchandise that makes a difference. Let’s change the word...and have some fun doing it!
Quality Control – Our external suppliers have been tried and tested. Our manufacturers carry out the strictest quality control during each step of the production process, ensuring your finished products are of the highest possible standard.
Global Product Sourcing – this means we have access to thousands upon thousands of innovative and unique products every day. If it’s out there, we will find it for you!
Fast Turnaround – But I need it now!!! Time is always of the essence in promotions and marketing and we pride ourselves on meeting deadlines that are virtually impossible.  We’ve never missed a deadline, perform miracles when asked and jump through hoops to make your life easier!

Service with a smile!
- Continual personal communication throughout the order process

- Peace of mind knowing all your products are guaranteed

- Totally transparent communication- pre-warning if any printing processes seem flawed

- No project too small or too large

- On time & on budget, every time

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We have a fantastic long standing relationship with Prodigy because they continue to surprise us with their innovative solutions and efficient service. The team at Prodigy have a strong understanding of our brand and brilliant initiative. We are continually provided with a great selection of thought provoking promotional products allowing us to leave a lasting impression.